It is our great privilege to invite you dear colleagues in this three-day conference that will provide a venue for ventilating issues regarding ASEAN Cooperation through Culture-Based Education. Through scholarly discourse, dialogue, and dissemination, culture-based education could be the pivotal role of culture-based education as a driver of sustainable development and inclusive growth in the ASEAN knowledge economy region. Cultural Education as a catalyst for regional cooperation, facilitate socio-cultural mobility by promoting partnership-respect and understanding – among members of ASEAN community, whose national lives and cultures are intertwined and interconnected through shared opportunity for stakeholders in cultural education to put into the fore the significant discussions and exchange of insights relative to cultural education and ASEAN integration of educational processes and practices.

Conference Objectives

What this conference envisions to accomplish are as follows:

1. Provide a venue where participants can bring up practices in culture-based education;

2. Establish linkages between and among members of the ASEAN countries through academic colloquia, conference, and consortia in order to creatively and critically respond to the challenges of cross border cooperation as an important facet of ASEAN integration;

3. Facilitate meaningful discussion, and academic discourse on cultural education through interactive, innovative sharing of insights and ideas among cultural practitioners and stakeholders;

4. Formulate initial pathways and roadmap for future engagement involving culture-based education in the ASEAN region; and

5. To encapsulate the issues and concerns of the Youth, Community, and Academe through an environment of research and academic exchange.

Conference Streams

1. ASEAN Arts, Culture, and Education
2. Language and Cultural Diversity
3. Safeguarding Filipino Languages
4. Environmental Stewardship, Culture, and Language
5. Intangible Heritage and the Youth’s Perception on Culture
6. Youth Empowerment and the Millenial Approach in Cultural Education
7. Language Policy Framework and the 21st Century Curriculum
8. MTB-MLE Assessment and Management
9. Youth Empowerment through Culture-based Education
10. Cross-Cultural Discourse in Economics and Development
11. Local Knowledge and Global Perception in Community Development
12. Culture-based Strategies, Methodologies, and Approaches
13. Culture-based Education Framework
14. Migration Diaspora and Culture-based Education
15. Indigenous Language and Culture in a Cross Border Environment
16. Human Rights, Gender Issues, and the Millenials in Education
17. Local Cultural Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights
18. Local Cultural Mapping
19. Language and the Sustainable Development Goals
20. Culture and the Sustainable Development Goals
21. The Language and Culture of Peace in Community Development

Conference Theme

“Language and Culture in a Cross Border Environment Towards Academic Excellence, Community Development, and Youth Empowerment”